Demon is the requalification of a former reality. Ignited in 1963 in Montebelluna by Girolamo Deon, the brand re-emerged in 2020 with a brand new vision, guided by Alberto Deon, aimed at expressing the vernacular legacy of its territory within the language of contemporary design. Te brand's grounded industrial history allows it to investigate the interweaving threads of technical solutions and avant-garde taste, maintaining a fascination of its heritage while undertaking a dirsuptive reinterpretation of it.
This fall , Demon has come up with a “primitive coziness” inspired range of silhouettes. This direction stems the materials adopted, varying from the Kalgan fur, used for the eponymous “Poyana Kalgan”, to the “Carbonaz Desert” which evocs the desertic scenarios of the artic Tundras, with inserts in pony fur and a special eco-leather last.
This season, two brand new silhouettes were introduced: Zhocol and Vipara. The first is a quintessential take on the mule type, characterised by the ski mountaineering-derived buckle, and the sleek silhouette of Demon’s signature Vibram sole. The second; Vipara, is, as the name suggests an aggressive debut for the brand onto the sneaker world. A special self-bearing fly knit upper, dipped into a PVC protective coating that looks like freshly extracted petroleum, attached to a quite jurassic Vibram outsole.
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