GUESS USA, a derivative of the global luxury lifestyle brand GUESS, presents a ready-to-wear collection that reimagines iconic styles from its parent label's archive. Developed in collaboration with ERL founder Eli Russell Linnetz, this venture breathes new life into the warmly erotic and all-American fashion that has defined a generation for GUESS. The collection meticulously replicates the original specifications of '80s and '90s GUESS pieces, utilizing distressed textiles, cracked paint appliqués, and sun-bleached colors to evoke a distinctive vintage charm. Ranging from logo-branded crew necks to acid-wash denim, these reimagined essentials by GUESS USA carry forward the well-established DNA of American fashion staples.
  • Gusa Flannel Shirt
    Gusa Flannel Shirt
    4,370 NTD 10,925 NTD
  • Bleached Denim Flare Pant
    Bleached Denim Flare Pant
    5,130 NTD 12,825 NTD
  • Gusa Patchwork Puffer
    Gusa Patchwork Puffer
    27,360 NTD 68,400 NTD