Serapis, an Athens-based fashion and art collective founded in 2014, draws inspiration from the Greek maritime industry to create a unique and heartfelt vision of contemporary Greece. They pay tribute to the rich culture and strong work ethic of ship workers, highlighting the everyday people who are the backbone of the shipping industry. By reimagining traditional maritime uniforms as refined garments made from superior materials, they offer a distinctive range of clothing. Additionally, their extended collection includes accessories and homewares such as French terry towels, fleece blankets, and bed sheets featuring seascapes and port towns. Photographic prints of summer beaches and vibrant blue waters grace laptop cases and pillowcases, each item belonging to its own unique series with an individual production number. Serapis places personal narratives at the core of its design process, working from archival materials to create a genuine connection with contemporary Greek culture.
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  • Unisex Denim Pants Swipehands
    Unisex Denim Pants Swipehands
    NTD 4,389 NTD 14,630
  • Knit Vest Sand Rust
    Knit Vest Sand Rust
    NTD 5,130 NTD 17,100