_J.L-A.L_ is a brand focused on continuous development often inspired by technological innovation - its unique forms and outcomes, a result of favouring experimentation over established trends. Inspired by the ability of nature to create protection, comfort and functionality from simple structures, it is this ethos that guides the development of materials, solutions and styles of _J.L-A.L_.
The _J.L-A.L_ design language uses the cutting edge as its core. Sprung from immediacy of digitally aided design and assembly, the ability to evolve ideas into looks by rapid iteration creates a continually mutating shape – ready to assume a new form at moment’s notice.
Working from process, rather than to market, makes the designer as much a conductor as a craftsman. This is a new very exciting space, and the third collection from _J.L-A.L_ represents the very dynamic designs emerging from this approach.
  • Expand Pants
    Expand Pants
    23,320 NTD
  • Dart Pants
    Dart Pants
    17,424 NTD
  • Cavaty Jacket
    Cavaty Jacket
    22,000 NTD
  • Liquid Sweater
    Liquid Sweater
    22,000 NTD
  • Tricot Termal Long Sleeve
    Tricot Termal Long Sleeve
    7,040 NTD
  • Neck Gathor Long Sleeve Sweater
    Neck Gathor Long Sleeve Sweater
    7,392 NTD
  • Wool Balaclava
    Wool Balaclava
    5,104 NTD
  • Tech Beanie Black
    Tech Beanie Black
    Sold Out